The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
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A Day at Nursery                  every day we learn through play... 

08:00 - Breakfast
9:00 - Assembly
We have assemblies each day in which we celebrate birthdays and special occasions, and reward good work; children and staff give show and tell presentations, group or individual performances; and we love to sing, make music and dance.
09:30 - Free-play / small group activity 
A day at The Avenue Nursery offers children free flow activities to explore and learn through creative play. Our educational programme is carefully designed so that when we are listening to a story, or outside planting seeds or counting ducks, we are engaging, communicating and developing our selves, our confidence, our literacy and numeracy and readiness for next learning steps.
10:00 - Snack time
10:15 - Group activity
Children will actively engage with staff and friends doing art and craft, dancing, singing and listening to stories, learning to read, write and count, cooking, drama, sport, science, computer work and a variety of ICT, and role play. Playball and Fiddlesticks will feature on different days of the week.
The babies will be having fun with messy play including spaghetti, water and gloop! They also will have daily time with stories, music and movement, rolling and catching balls, and mark making using paints and crayons. When we are nappy changing, potty training or toilet time are opportunities we can be singing, talking, counting and more!
12:00 - Lunch time, then free play all together
1:15 - Adventure Outing / Outdoor learning
We have many routes that are carefully planned to explore and get to know our wonderful town, community and countryside. We will be posting letters at the post office, using the library, meeting police officers and shop keepers, buying food, visiting the fire station, feeding the ducks at the Lake, and exploring the woodlands around the Heath. We will prepare for, and extend and reflect on these experiences together in the nursery by incubating eggs, mark making, discussions, story telling, art, and musical and scientific activities.
2:45 - Snack time
4:00 - Free-play / small group activity  
Children will be able to explore the different and changing 'play and learn' areas as they wish during the free-play times. We will spend time talking about and preparing for visits; and when we arrive back at nursery we will extend the learning from our adventures by mark making on our return in our Discovery Area; for example, designing leaf collages, making bug hotels, or making pizza for tea with the (healthy) toppings we have bought from the shop.
5:00 - Tea time
5:30 - Free play and story time
7.00 - Close