The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
Fees and discounts
Nursery and pre-school fees are £5 per hour*
*There is a £2.80 supplement for hours between 7am to 8am, and 6pm - 7pm
*Extra hours are £5.50 ('Extra' are ad hoc hours booked in addition to normal or 'swapped' hours) 
Breakfast is 60p
Lunch is £1.80
Afternoon (high) tea is £1.20
  • Breakfast is served for all children attending nursery between 8am - 8:30am
  • Lunch is served for all children attending between 12pm to 1pm (parents may provide a packed lunch if they wish, but we have a wonderful balanced menu and love to introduce children together to new foods - and allow them to enjoy the social experience with it!)
  • Afternoon tea is served for all children attending between 4pm to 5pm
The following discounts are available
  • a 5% reduction in fees will be given to the youngest of siblings attending First Steps
  • a 5% reduction when fees are paid quarterly in advance (including childcare vouchers if applicable)
  • if you recommend a friend/colleague to First Steps, be sure to let us know as we will offer you and your friend 12 extra hours each of nursery time which can be booked any time over the following 12 months. Vouchers are given once the friend's child has completed 3 months at First Steps.
Funding and vouchers
  • at the appropriate time we will apply on behalf of parents for Government funding grants for children 3 years and over (unless parent advise otherwise)
  • we accept most childcare vouchers offered by participating employers' schemes. Each parent can pay up to £124/£248 (dependent on their level of earnings)  per month via the childcare voucher scheme. Vouchers are paid directly from gross salary and thus saves you from paying the Income Tax and National Insurance on the value of the voucher.
Fees include
  • snacks and drinks mid-morning, early afternoon, and after 6pm
  • formula milk*** (we realise that some parents may prefer to provide formula of their choosing)
  • nappies, wipes, toiletries
  • blankets
***bottled breast milk is not given by nursery staff, but we welcome mothers who wish to return to feed their babies here from the breast or bottle