The Avenue Nursery Petersfield

'Playfully creating the foundations of learning'...

Each day the children are ‘learning through play The Avenue way’ – having fun playing, exploring and creating – within an Early Years educational framework that enables them to achieve the best start and transition to primary school.
Our rich indoor and outdoor learning programme will support social, cognitive and emotional development; and pre-schoolers will build on their emerging language, numeracy and literacy skills in small focus groups alongside staff who are training or trained in Early Years teaching practice.
Throughout their early years with us, children will be encouraged with positive communication and behaviour strategies, and we lead by example showing respect and kindness to others.
Self-confidence, literacy, and numeracy is developed through a rich variety of free-flow and creative play, whether child-led or staff-led activities.
Our daily activities evolve and adapt to reflect the seasons, and local, national and international events, celebrations and past-times such as food festivals, national science and engineering week, and space missions; we introduce important community figures such as police and firefighters; and we integrate this with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework to support the preparation for successful transition to primary school.