The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
Meal times and prices
Meal times
Meals are prepared for all children in the Nursery at the following times:
8 - 8:30am   Breakfast            £1.30
12 - 1pm      Lunch                  £2.85
5 - 5:30pm   Tea (High Tea)   £2.20
Snack times
Snacks are provided free of charge for all children, and water is available to them at all times.
10:30am      Mid morning snack
2:45pm        Mid afternoon snack
Bottle feeding
Normally, bottle feeds will be given at 11am and/or 2pm and/or 5:30pm but these may vary in line with parental preference. We offer Aptamil Formula Stage One at no extra charge and this is given line with parents' instructions on quantity; some parents may prefer to provide formula milk of their choosing.