The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
We carefully select a wide variety of traditional and nutritional meals, all freshly prepared on site.
We have arranged our daily routine to feature a hearty breakfast between 8 to 8:30am, and a full meal at 5pm so that parents have quality time with their child(ren) after collecting them from the Nursery at the end of their working day.
We cater for all children who attend the nursery across our mealtimes. Prices for our meals are listed on our website. There is no charge for snacks and water is available to the children at all times.
When we are out and about we will often take our snacks with us, in addition to our water supplies; on warm weather days we might choose to have a picnic by the Lake.

Bottle feeding
We will communicate with parents on a daily or weekly basis to ensure we continue feeding routines established with you at home. At the end of each day, our day sheets will indicate how babies have been eating or drinking.

We offer Aptamil Formula Stage One at no extra charge and this is given line with parents' instructions on quantity; some parents may prefer to provide formula milk of their choosing.

We will be keen to discuss with you on a weekly basis to ensure we fit well with the routine you are following through the weaning phase; we will puree or mash food as appropriate to each of your child's stages of weaning. Parents are often keen to hear of advancements their child may be making with regard to weaning at nursery meal times.