The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
Menus     Here are some of the meals we freshly prepare on site...
  • Cereal: weetabix / porridge / rice crispies  / cornflakes  / muesli
  • Toast with marmite, peanut butter or jam
  • Scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage
Lunch* - main      
  • Vegetable lasagne  
  • Chicken and leek pie  
  • Mild chicken curry
  • lamb hotpot or tagine, with cous cous
  • Chilli with rice
  • Fish pie
Lunch - desert
  • Apple sponge or crumble
  • Banana custard
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Strawberries and cream
Tea* - main               
Jacket potato with tuna and beans
chicken and spinach pasta
home-made pizza with yummy vegetables  
sausage & mash
freshly breaded fish fingers with baked chips  
savoury pancakes
Tea is followed by yoghurt, a muffin, or fruit smoothie
*...All served with a selection of vegetables, and followed by fresh fruit
Crumpets, a light sandwich,  fruit,  vegetable crudites, and/or rice cakes
Water is available at all times. We only provide fruit juice that contains no added sugar and in a highly diluted form.