The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
The Avenue Vision:   'Playfully creating the foundations of learning'
vision inspired by Julie Fisher, Early Years Advisor and Author 

Our Objectives

   We are:
  • passionate about promoting great British values; and engaging, observing, and communicating what we do
  • delivering outstanding care and education which exceeds expectations
  • giving children daily opportunities to play, explore, learn, create, and be inspired by their environment 
  • offering parents flexibility, and promoting guidance and information exchange through daily handovers; and encouraging opportunity to become involved in the Nursery activities
  • providing educational resources that enable us to deliver the high quality support for children's care and learning
  • respecting and supporting the efforts, achievements, qualifications and aspirations of our team members
  • a safe and healthy community enabling every individual to be happy and flourish

Our Values

T    team work - working, learning and reflecting together
H    homely and safe environments
E     exemplary early years education through creative child-led and adult-led experiences

A     active outdoors learning - exploring countryside and community 
V     British values - to respect our rules, each other, and individual choice
E     extended learning experiences - to question, support, and link ideas
N    n urturing community - where everyone cares for one another
U   for every unique child, there is a unique plan to help them achieve their learning and developmental

E     e xperiences that enhance children's resilience, perseverance, capabilities and confidence


"We are so lucky to be in the countryside, out and about in the farmland, at the school, the church, and our very own wild garden and playground. Our indoors space is so cosy; we love music, baking, languages, messy craft... every day is a new chapter, inspired by the children and our environment."